A shy twelve-year-old becomes a superhero after being bitten by a very special ant, in this delightful comedy-adventure based on the popular children’s books by Kenneth Bøgh Andersen.




Ask Hasselbalch

The appeal of comic book superheroes is universal, and in his first feature film, Antboy, Danish director Ask Hasselbalch has found the right mix of action, charm, thrills, and spills to entertain a young, adventurous audience.

In a small Danish town, twelve-year-old Pelle (Oscar Dietz) leads a dreadfully dull life. Seemingly invisible to his classmates — he doesn't even get picked on — he spends his days crushing on Amanda (Cecilie Alstrup Tarp), who doesn't know he exists.

When he accidentally gets bitten by a very special ant, Pelle can feel his body changing. He finds he has powerful new abilities, which he tries desperately to hide from everyone including his parents. It's only when Wilhelm (Samuel Ting Graf ), his nerdy, comic-obsessed classmate, confronts him about his incredible strength that he acknowledges something mysterious has happened. Pelle confides in Wilhelm and enlists him to help discover the extent of his superpowers (and weaknesses), leading to the creation of his secret superhero identity: Antboy!

Pelle admirably uses his powers to do good, quickly becoming front-page news, but is reluctant to accept his new destiny as a superhero. On the one hand, as Antboy he is no longer invisible — his classmates, especially Amanda, love him. However, when a villain named Flea (Nicolas Bro) begins to terrorize his town, Pelle reluctantly realizes that he must mature into a new and extraordinary role. With great power comes great responsibility, but will Pelle discover in time that sometimes your uniqueness is your greatest strength?

Based on the popular children's books by Danish author Kenneth Bøgh Andersen, this superhero story soars on every level, with a young cast who injects energy and fun into every action-packed scene.


This film is suggested for ages 8 and up.

N.B. Minor language, physical violence

Antboy will be presented in Danish with English subtitles.


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