A moving testament to existences past and present, this portrait of a space once inhabited by filmmaker Robert Beavers adheres to a precise, yet enigmatic sound-image construction that carries rare emotional weight.


Listening to the Space in my Room

Robert Beavers

Playing as part of Wavelengths 4: Elysium

Ostensibly a portrait of a place where the artist had resided until recently, the new film by Robert Beavers conjures not only the memory but also the physical presence of those who have previously stayed there. Adhering to a solitary intimacy while simultaneously acting as an ode to human endeavour and shared impulses toward fulfillment through art, Listening to the Space in my Room is a moving testament to existence (whose traces are found in literature, music, filmmaking, gardening) and our endless search for meaning and authenticity. The film's precise yet enigmatic sound-image construction carries a rare emotional weight.



Mon Sep 09

Jackman Hall