Inspired by the artist and writer Hasan Hourani's wondrous reveries, this poetic, first-person essay chronicles filmmaker Mais Darwazah’s first-ever visit to her Palestine homeland, charting an exquisite journey to the seafront of Jaffa.



My Love Awaits Me by the Sea

Mais Darwazah

When director Mais Darwazah discovered for the first time the drawings and poems of Hasan Hourani, she felt the rapture of having found a kindred soul. Hourani had drowned a couple of years earlier while trying to save his cousin from drowning. A singular painter and poet, in his work he created a fantastical world where he was a character stuck in boyhood, unaffected by the prohibitions of the occupation of the West Bank in which he grew up. In Hasan Is Everywhere, a book he published shortly before his death, he lives underwater and sleeps in the clouds, consoles a lonely dinosaur, and falls in love with a fish.

Darwazah is a second-generation Palestinian, born and raised in Jordan. Inspired by Hourani's wondrous reveries, she decides to leave her life of seclusion and journey to occupied and historic Palestine, to the seafront of Jaffa, where Hourani lost his life. She seeks answers to the question: how do you return to a place that has only existed in your mind?

My Love Awaits Me by the Sea is a poetic, first-person essay that chronicles the filmmaker's first-ever visit to her homeland. A voyage of discovery, encounters, reckonings, and inward drifts guided by Hourani's drawings and poems, the film contemplates the meanings of belonging, affiliation, and love. A luminous invitation to be enchanted.



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