Bruce Sweeney (Last Wedding) directs this keenly observed and wickedly funny media satire about a self-absorbed sports-radio shock jock whose controversial social-media missive makes him the target of network scrutiny.


Contemporary World Cinema

The Dick Knost Show

Bruce Sweeney

Caustic and self-absorbed, Dick Knost doesn't seem to care what people think about him. He's passionate about exactly three things: his popular sports talk radio show, full-contact professional hockey, and hating soccer. Steadfastly by his side is Kelly, a veteran firecracker of a producer. A well-tuned combination of crafty and feisty, she can smell bull a mile away — and dish it out with the best of them.

When Dick (Tom Scholte) is accused of violating the network's social media policy with a controversial tweet, it might just be the excuse the company has been looking for to replace him. But things get complicated when he suffers an injury that leaves his team scrambling to save his already-teetering show.

A true actor's director, and one of Canada's most daring filmmakers, Bruce Sweeney draws sharp and generous performances from his cast, which includes several regulars from his previous films. Paul Skrudland is perfect as Dick's co-host Neil, a heavily concussed, ex-pro hockey player who is obsessed with Paulina Gretzky. Scholte is virtually unrecognizable as the arrogant loose cannon Dick, masterfully navigating his character's surprising arc. And Gabrielle Rose is at her best as the quick-quipping, smooth operator Kelly, a woman who will do virtually anything to maintain her position.

Dick and Kelly's relationship is not an easy one. They know each other far too well, and though there is symbiotic trust and admiration, it doesn't stop them from undermining one another. And we are more than happy to watch them do just that as the team fumbles along trying to keep up appearances. Smart, lively, and wickedly funny, The Dick Knost Show is a keenly observed satire of our media-saturated world, and a thoroughly enjoyable study of human follies.



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