Newly restored by the Academy Film Archive, David Rimmer's 1970 avant-garde classic takes a single film fragment of a factory worker unraveling a sheet of cellophane, and alters it through a mesmerizing series of spectral apparitions and alchemical and sonic permutations.


Variations on a Cellophane Wrapper

David Rimmer

Playing as part of Wavelengths 1: Variations On...

We are honoured to launch Wavelengths '13 with the world premiere of the Academy Film Archive's new restoration of Variations on a Cellophane Wrapper, David Rimmer's 1970 classic of the Canadian avant-garde. Opening with a fragment of a female factory worker as she unravels a sheet of cellophane that then morphs into a mesmerizing wave of spectral apparitions and alchemical and sonic permutations, Variations perfectly sets the tone for this program of cinematic deviations.



Fri Sep 06

Jackman Hall